Whether you are looking for a website to be created or updating or if you are just looking for hosting, Desborough Computing can help you get your presence on the internet up do date.

You may already own a Domain Name, however, if you do not we will help you with the registration process.

If you already have a website but would like it updating, or if you do not have a web site then we can help you get yours up to date or design and build you a new one.

You may already have a hosting company which we can use to host your site, however, we can supply hosting space if you do not. 

Handheld solutions are not just for the employee out of the office. For example, a PDA, tablet or smartphone in the warehouse could be used for stock control, ordering or updating data without having to write down information and update it later at a desk. Talk to us about how your business can benefit from smart devices.

Document sharing and collaboration can be a very time saving process to put into your business. How would your business benefit from document existing in a shared area everyone can access and update?

If you are interested in finding out if your business can benefit from improving you IT services and processes, please get in touch.